First things first: I have (so far) survived the pandemic! I did become ill quite early on, but I recovered. It’s been a hectic year for me; my day job ramped up production on something so big it started taking over my evenings and weekends, which is a big problem for a part-time writer who relies on those times to be able to get things done. I have taken a new position that will hopefully be much easier to deal with, and so hope to have time to complete some projects in the near future that have been on hold for a few months.

(Several months. Time feels like it has no meaning anymore, doesn’t it, friends?)

But I’m afraid that’s not the whole story. You see, 2020 has been generally such a draining year, my creativity has truly suffered for it. I’ve been struggling to put together simple outlines and come up with the sort of complex, innovative characters that I know you’ve come to expect from me. My Patreon has been dormant; my novels have not budged an inch in wordcount; I did not participate in any way in NaNoWriMo this year. Only my fanfiction has moved, and that only because it’s a joint project so I was able to lean on my fellow author in order to get words written.

In short, this has been a terrible year for creative works. Just terrible.

But fear not! I am writing to you from the edge of the silver lining, beginning to see the sun peak through the clouds. I am currently taking a vacation between jobs, and I’ve been able to complete one secret project and begin to shop it around for a traditional publisher. That means it’s time to get back to writing the novels I love, the ones you’ve come to expect from me. I promised I’d finish out the triology I started with Wolfbound, and I will – but first I want to write a sequel to The Hunt, because that’s where I feel I have something useful to say.

Please bear with me while I make some renovations around here. The main site layout isn’t changing, but I’ve updated my About page to reflect the fact that, in my real life, outside of this pen name, I am nonbinary. I have always seen Jane as a female persona, but as I begin to look more and more masculine in my outside life, I find I do not wish to play at being a cis woman any longer in any capacity. So I have changed my pronouns on this site to they/them, just like I use in everyday life. I hope you can understand the impulse to be more honest and forthcoming about my gender, even if it means I have to be left off some “women writer” lists in the future.

Stay safe, and above all, be well, my friends. And thank you for being here through this tough time!