I won’t go into politics here, campaigning for one side or the other, but I did want to say two quick things about the election for my American readers.

Number one: Please go vote. I know that for many people, getting to the polling place and casting your ballot causes a real hardship, but if it is at all feasible for you, please cast your vote this year. If you need help getting to the polls, please visit drive2vote.org for help. This election, more so than any other in my lifetime, is a definitive moment in American history, a moment where America has to choose between values that it holds dear and determine which is more dear. It is a difficult decision, and one that everyone has to make for themselves. It may be tempting to fail to choose at all, and instead remain home on election day. Please resist the temptation. America was built on the principle of representative democracy, and if you do not vote, you will not be represented in this monumental election.

Number two: Dear readers, please take care of yourselves. I know this year has been rough. There has been a lot of nasty rhetoric in all directions. At this point, no matter what your path through life has been, nor what your political affinity might be, you have probably been putting up with some terrible garbage for some time now. After tomorrow, the election will be over. We all should take some time to rest, to do whatever it is that brings your soul some peace and happiness, to restore ourselves spiritually and emotionally. Be kind to yourself, and be kind to each other.

And above all else, please be safe.