You guys.


I have the best news ever.

A few weeks ago I got together with a very talented cover artist to design a cover for my upcoming book Heartbeats. Now, don’t get too excited, the first draft isn’t done yet, but I wanted to go ahead and spring for a cover to help motivate me to finish it. And while we were designing that cover, we decided to redesign the covers for The Hunt and Wolfbound to match. The covers I had put together years ago were pretty amateur, to be honest, and I’d been meaning to have them redone now that I have an actual budget for these sorts of things.

These covers are so amazing, y’all! Beyond my wildest dreams. I’m very pleased to be able to reveal them now:

Cover of Wolfbound

Cover of The Hunt

Aren’t they GORGEOUS you guys?! I love how defensive Eileen looks, and how sad and yet somehow inquisitive John comes off as. I also love how despite having the same sort of general concept (canine in a forest) they each are unique to the book. One of the early drafts of the Wolfbound cover kept the snow concept from the old cover, but we decided it really fit John’s story more, so we removed it in a later draft. Don’t you just love the snowflake logo though?!

Anyway, I’m super jazzed about Heartbeats now. It’ll be months and months before it’s ready to show you all, but it’ll be well worth the wait.