I came here to mention that January had been super busy for me, as I took a new job at the end of December and was struggling to hit the ground running, but then I noticed, whoops, it’s actually the end of February. How the heck did that happen?

Anyway, you’ll notice I put some progress bars on the home page so you can see more transparently what my progress is on writing the next few books. I know, I know, exciting stuff, right? Sorry. I’ll try to be better about updating this blog as well. I’m sure I can think of interesting things to say. After all, I’m supposed to be some kind of author, right? 🙂

One thing I have managed to keep up on is reading. I’ve worked my way through the collected works of Brandon Sanderson; if you’re into high fantasy, the man is amazing at world-building and telling a good, engaging story. I highly recommend his books. I’ve also read a lot of crap, which I won’t go into here for the sake of professional courtesy.

Not much has been moving on the self-publishing front. I’ve decided to release a paperback edition of The Hunt, but I have not yet found time to begin the editing process. I’ve also decided to start taking out ads, but again, haven’t had time. Most of my Monday through Friday has been taken up by working for pay, and most of my weekends has been taken up with my steampunk cosplay group, Radiant Vanguard. I’m reaching the end of crunch time for both of those, however, meaning I’ll probably have more evenings free to work on my novels and so on.

I’ve been thinking I should seek out a writing community more. That’s what I miss most about the Novembers I spend doing Nano: that sense of community, of support, of having someone to talk to about this process. But my time is so limited, I’m not sure I can commit to driving someplace to meet with people regularly. Maybe I should find an online community to join. Any thoughts on that, dear readers?