Yes, you heard right! You can now hold in your hands a copy of Wolfbound, fresh off the presses! Bask in that new-book smell, treasure it always, or scribble in the margins and highlight your favorite passages — whatever you choose to do with the book is fine by me.

Of course, having physical books means book signings! The first such opportunity is the upcoming PandoraCon, which I am attending with my steampunk group Radiant Vanguard. Paperback copies of Wolfbound will be available in the Pandoracon Shop; if you don’t see them when you first arrive, they will definitely be there by Saturday, as their arrival to the shop depends entirely on my poor car’s ability to navigate traffic. I will be doing a signing or two; I’ll let you know as soon as the time is finalized. I’ll be all decked out in steampunk garb, so it ought to be a fun time.

Here’s to the first of hopefully many successful signing opportunities!